Cement, Mining & Minerals

Dust and Fume Extraction - Mining-Minerals & Cement
Cement, Mining & Minerals

Westair Filtration offers safe and reliable solutions for handling of dust and gases throughout the cement, mining and minerals industries.

Whether you need to manage the suspended airborne dust or the heavier material that falls to the ground type, Westair Filtration have the solutions for you.

We also offer a range of industry solutions for hazardous combustible dust.

Combustible dust is tiny particles, less than 0.5 mm, many practically invisible, with potentially hazardous effects. Combustible dust is a by-product of the manufacturing process of combustible raw material such as many chemicals and light metals. The dust can become explosive under certain conditions. Many industries are affected and need to take actions to prevent accidents causing injuries to employees and damages to facilities.

Our customised solutions include reverse-pulse and reverse air filtration, wet scrubbing and hot gas filtration systems.

We can custom design suitable ducting systems for all plant requirements including heavy flanged mild steel construction for high throughput, abrasive dust applications.

Products Associated with the Cement, Mining & Minerals Industries

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FlexFilter 13/18


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