Hose & Cable Reels & Lubrications

Our range of heavy duty industrial hose reels and cable reels provides easy access to air, oil, water and power by retractable reels in aluminium or stainless steel.

With industrial hose reels and cable reels in your business you create a better, safer and more ergonomic workplace without the risk of having hoses and cables on the floor.

Westair Filtration is the Western Australian distributor for Nederman products.

We offer products and solutions within industrial air filtration across a wide range of industries that contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.

Working together with you, we will design and supply a system that fits your requirements.
One that will minimise energy usage while still offering you the solution you need.

Cable Reel C20

Functional and easy-to-use retractable power cable reel with power socket for electrical tools. IP44/IP55, cable length 12m (39 ft.), 10A.

Cable Reel C20 Brochure

Cable Reel C30

Functional and easy to use retractable cable reel with power socket for electrical tools, cable length 17m (55 ft.).

Cable Reel C30 Brochure


Cable Reel 744

Cable reel for max. 48V, 6A.

Cable Reel 744 Brochure


Cable Reel 793

A heavy duty cable reel for use in industrial environments.

The cable reel is available in 1-phase and 3-phase versions and supplied with thermal overload protector.

Cable Reel 793 Brochure

Hose Reel H20

Safe and functional retractable hose reel suitable for pneumatic tools, staplers and blow guns.


Hose Reel H20 Brochure

Hose Reel H30

Safe and functional retractable hose reel for suitable for pneumatical tools, staplers, blow guns and water guns.

Hose Reel H30 Brochure


Hose Reel 883

Retractable hose reel supplied with loose quick hitch for easy installation suitable for vehicle repair shops, garages and maintenance workshops.

Hose Reel 883 Brochure

Hose Reel 884

Heavy duty hose reel for air, water, oil, diesel and grease. Suitable for long and heavy hoses. Made of epoxy coated die cast aluminium. Ball bearings in drum and swivel.

Hose Reel 884 Brochure

Hose Reel 888

Medium-sized open reel easy to service, maintain and keep clean, thanks to the open design. Can be installed on wall or on the ceiling.

Hose Reel 888 Brochure
Hose Reel 888 Corrosion Resistant Brochure
Hose Reel 888 Stainless Brochure

Hose Reel 889

Medium-sized open reel easy fitted with slightly larger drum and therefore are able to hold a longer hose than Series 888.

Hose Reel 889 Brochure
Hose Reel 889 Corrosion Resistant Brochure
Hose Reel 889 Ex Brochure
Hose Reel 889 Stainless Brochure

Hose Reel 893

Medium-sized reel. Versatile and easily installed in industrial and workshop environments .

Hose Reel 893 Brochure
Hose Reel 893 Stainless Brochure


Hose Reel 886

Stainless steel hose reel when corrosive resistance is required. Ideal for food processing industries.

Hose Reel 886 Acid Resistant Ex Brochure
Hose Reel 886 Ex Brochure
Hose Reel 886 Stainless Brochure

Hose Reel 876

Welding reel designed for maximum safety in oxygen and acetylene welding applications.

Hose Reel 876 Brochure


Hose Reel 881 Ex

ATEX approved vacuum hose reel suitable for cleaning combustible dust.

Suitable when long and heavy vacuum hoses are needed. Provides tidy and safe storage when not in use.

Hose Reel 881 Ex Brochure

Balancer 810

Series 810 balancer makes the tool weightless and minimizes the strain on the operator.

The balancer comes in three different models and in nine weight classes, with a span from 0.5 kg to 10.9 kg

Balancer 810 Brochure

Balancer 831

Balancer keeps the tool or hose lifted at all times. An integrated centrifugal brake prevents the balancer from recoiling too quickly, which minimizes the risk of personal injury and material damage.

Balancer 831 Brochure

Lube Range (Hose and Cables)

Range of lubrication accesories for hose reels, cable reels and balancers.

Various models available – please see more product information link below.


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