Stationary Filters

Our range of industrial dust and fume collectors and filters provides for a better, safer workplace.

These products are suitable across a broad range of industries including industrial plants with hot gas applications, where dust and smoke exist, oil mist, silos and other industries with industrial process filtration and dust collection applications.

Westair Filtration is the Western Australian distributor for Nederman products.

We offer products and solutions within industrial air filtration across a wide range of industries that contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.

Working together with you, we will design and supply a system that fits your requirements.
One that will minimise energy usage while still offering you the solution you need.

MCP Smart Filter

The MCP SmartFilter is a multi-purpose filtration system. Suitable for smoke, fumes and dust and can be used in several different applications such as welding, metal cutting and general dust.

MCP SmartFilter Brochure

MJC Filter Dust Collector

Reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors for many applications that generate light to heavy volumes of any dust.

MJC Dust Collector Brochure


MJC - Mini Dust Collector

Compact reverse jet tubular cartridge filters suitable for many different applications that generate light to medium volumes of any dust.

MJC Mini Dust Collector Brochure


Suitable for dust, welding fume, and debris. 2-stage filtration and fully automatic filter cleaning. Central inlet with velocity reducer.

FlexFilter Brochure
FlexFilter EX Brochure

FMK Filters

Modular cassette dust collector, built for continuous use in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications.

FMK Filters Brochure
FMKZ Ex Filters Brochure


FlexFilter 13/18

The FlexFilter 13 and 18 EX are high vacuum filters. These filters can be used in applications where there is a high content of explosive dust particles.

FlexFilter 13/18 Brochure
FlexFilter 13/18 EX Brochure

SiloSafe Filter

Compact reverse jet tubular cartridge dust collector. Specifically suited for use on silos that are pneumatically filled.

SiloSafe Brochure

Auto-M Filter

The Auto-M series is the latest generation of robust simple mechanically cleaned bag dust collectors suitable for non-continuous duty for industrial, commercial and educational locations

Auto-M Filter Brochure

Oil Mist Filter FibreDrain ®

FibreDrain® oil mist and oil smoke collectors guarantee high filtration efficiency and long filter life at high oil mist concentrations in continuous operation.

A wide range of accessories available to meet most application requirements.

Various models available – please see more product information link below.

NOM Filters

Emulsion mist collectors for low to medium concentration applications in one-shift operations.

NOM 11 Filter Brochure
NOM 18 Filter Brochure
NOM 28 Filter Brochure
NOM 4 Filter Brochure

MCP Filters

Compact cartridge filter for decentralized indoor air cleaning, where air recovery is possible.


MCP Filters Brochure


CCD Filters

Designed for free hanging applications to control light airborne dust/smoke in a contaminated air stream.


CCD Filters Brochure



The MJB Tubular Bag filters comprise an innovative range of robust, versatile tubular bag filter unit that provides maximum cleaning efficiency with very low energy consumption and minimal maintenance.

MJB – A Tubular Bag Filter Brochure
MJB – G Tubular Bag Filter Brochure
MJB – H Tubular Bag Filter Brochure

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