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Joineries, cabinet making and woodworking involves everything from small hand tools to large CNCs, whether cutting, sanding, planing, edge banding and dowel drilling can create large amounts of wood dust.

To handle these various applications safely and efficiently, Westair Filtration supply a wide range of products and systems including dust collectors, piping/ducting, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems.

One of the most serious risks caused by dust in manufacturing environments is that of combustible dust.

When this dust comes in contact with the right concentration of oxygen, an explosion can occur. A source for ignition is all it takes to trigger an explosion. The explosion might not be contained to the immediate vicinity.

Dust explosions spread from the small explosion around an ignition source to the rest of the facility. In these cases, the initial explosion stirs up the dust in the rest of the facility, and then that dust ignites. The secondary explosion can be significant, even injuring or killing workers and destroying property.

To avoid the extreme dangers of combustible dust, its accumulation must be prevented by using dust collectors. We can supply the solutions that will control the dust and reduce the risk of fires and/or explosions

Westair Filtration can design the right solution for your application.

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